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Blue Jays Game Postponed, Doubleheader Will Be Played Tomorrow

I’m not sure what’s more nightmarish; the weather that Toronto has been experiencing or the fact that we’re reportedly going to be without Blue Jays baseball for a third straight day.

According to Sportsnet’s Hazel Mae, who is definitely a trusted name and why I’m writing this, the Blue Jays have called off tonight’s game with the Royals. The game will be made up tomorrow at an ultra-rare Rogers Centre doubleheader!

As you may have read, ice fell from the CN Tower and blew a sizeable hole in the Rogers Centre roof earlier today. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

This is the first SkyDome/Rogers Centre doubleheader since 2001, when rain in Cleveland forced two games to be made up in Toronto.

This comes after the Blue Jays not only lost an off day on May 3rd, they now have to play two games before flying off to Tampa for a series the next day.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kind of looking forward to seeing this. What makes it better is that the Jays have been #ActuallyGood to start the year and can add two Ws on one day.

UPDATE: The Blue Jays make it official. Game 1 will start at 3:30 tomorrow and game 2 will go ahead as scheduled. 

  • lukewarmwater

    Wow the old barn is worn out. Rogers having major fits over losing revenue and forced to have a double header. Jay players most likely thought Thank God we have a dome roof, but you still get postponed. Damn Global warming. It is all Al Gores’s fault along with David Suzuki.

  • lukewarmwater

    Not sure what a stadium roof repair cost would be but I do know it ain’t cheap having homes repaired with a new roof. I forked out thousands for two homes I own out here in God’s country but at least I have a guarantee now for decades. Is the dome becoing the new Big O., just asking.