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Yankees 9, Blue Jays 1: Yawn


Things worth mentioning

  • Marcus Stroman actually pitched well to start the game. In typical Stroman fashion, he got a ton of outs on the ground through his first five innings pitched. Up until then, his only mistake was getting ahead of Brett Gardner 0-2, then throwing seven straight balls, which ended with Aaron Judge hammering a 3-0 pitch for a two-run homer in the third. Then, in the sixth, the Yankees went single, walk, single, walk, Luke Maile error, strikeout, double. John Axford came in relief, only for them to get to him with a walk, single, sac fly and another single. In total, seven runners crossed the plate for the Yankees that inning. Stroman finished his day allowing six earned runs.
  • The Blue Jays had their chances in this game, but failed to really hurt Jordan Montgomery. They stranded the bases loaded in the third and only scored one after the first two hitters of the fifth reached scoring position.
  • If you’re looking for something to make you feel better, Giancarlo Stanton struck out another two times today and was booed in a 9-1 game.
  • The Blue Jays still haven’t lost a series yet, but tomorrow Jaime Garcia goes against Luis Severino. Gulp.

  • AD

    Stroman is a cocky clown. You are good dude, but not Kershaw good. The offense looked like the 2017 jays swinging at garbage. Will give them the benefit of the doubt since its only 1 game.

  • Knuckle Balls

    Stroman look like he ran out of gas – His is still ramping up his stamina, but its unfortunate that Gibby does not see this and should of pulled him as soon as he got into trouble. It is still early but I hate the yanks so bad I do not like losing to them. Jamie G should put a good battle tomorrow since the Yankees have been not really impressive except for DIDI who I do not like since he is really good. I am looking forward to the next series against the Bo Sox. Lets go for the series split tomorrow. Go Jays

    • lukewarmwater

      Well said Knuckle, btw I’m having trouble thinking of a current knuckle baller in the majors these days, at least one who is having sucess. But I totally agree that for Stroman it is still spring training and thus I agree that as soon as he got into trouble after 5 good innings with the exception of the homer it was time to yank him in a hurry. But I think Stroman will truly find his groove through 7 innings soon. As for the Jays performance, heh the first shitty blow out at the one eighth pole. I’ll take that. Plus the Jays got to rest their three best late inning relievers. Garcia indeed will have to be on as the Yanks will load up on lefties to take advantage of the short band box garbage right field that should never, never have been allowed when the Yankee stadium was rebuilt.
      Bottom line is that the all powerful crank Yankees are a stinking 10 and 9 and our entertaining, exciting, surprising Jays are 13 and 7. Who would have thunk it.

      • Knuckle Balls

        In think you mean they will load up on “righties” against Garcia. But that effect Its been at least 3 times this season Gibby has kept his pitchers in even though it is obvious they are gassed. When Stroman is tired his pitches are “flatter then pee on a plater”. But I give Gibby a pass, this hick up on Stroman can only fuel his competitiveness. But I still hate losing to the Yanks, I would of had someone up and ready just in case ahead of time.

        • lukewarmwater

          Yeah my mistake there with Garcia being a lefty indeed. Yep I agree I too have no lost love for the Yankees and I’m hoping there clown of a broadcaster gets to announce today. Yankees Lose , Yankees LOOOOSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.