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Rangers 6, Blue Jays 4: SMDH

No Bautista, no Odor, so do we even still hate these guys?

The answer is yes. Game one!

Things worth mentioning…

  • This was a weird start for Marcus Stroman. Four of the first five Rangers hitters crossed the plate after two singles, a walk, and a Joey Gallo home run. After that, Stroman seemed to settle down, striking out the next four hitters and staying out of trouble until the sixth. The Rangers hit another three singles to score two runs and knock Stroman out of the game. I don’t think he was that bad tonight, he just got burned with a ton of singles and that Gallo homer. His final line: six earned runs allowed over 5.1 innings, with a walk and four strikeouts.
  • Not sure what was worse tonight; the Rangers defense or Justin Smoak’s baserunning. The Rangers made so many gaffes out in the field at the Rogers Centre, you would have thought that Elvis Andrus wasn’t on the disabled list. There were so many misreads, drops, and whiffs out there on defense, but the real show was Justin Smoak. In the first inning, he either forgot there were two outs and wasn’t running on contact, or is slow as fuck, and got tagged out at home to end the inning after a Pillar screamer was dropped by Delino DeSheilds. Then, about an hour later, got a bit too excited and tried to go first to third on another Rangers misplay, this time with no outs. You could probably put all of that into a highlight reel and show Little Leaguers what not to do in certain situations.
  • Kendrys Morales continues to frustrate everybody. He went 0-3 today with a walk, but what caused everybody to completely fucking rage were his first two at-bats this evening, both with runners in scoring position, both ending in strikeouts. His OPS sits at .560 (through just 15 games).
  • Justin Smoak, who seemed to be going cold the past two-ish weeks, went 4-4 today, collecting three singles and a double. I guess you can’t TOOTBLAN if you aren’t on base, huh?
  • This next bit of news is very important: Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon gets the start for the Texas Rangers tomorrow.

  • Knuckle Balls

    I am concerned with Stroman – he is have problems keeping his pitches down with movement. The are flat up in the zone and then his slider is not moving like it should. The rangers are hot shit and Jays should take advantage. Its not like the Jays are not scoring runs, but its hard to play catch up all the time and win Games. Maybe the Geni needs to take stromans spot and put Stroman the Shitty DL and have him work it out in the minors.