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Blue Jays 7, Rangers 2: J.Ace Happ

Surely they won’t be swept by this team, right? RIGHT?

Things worth mentioning…

  • Not sure if it’s because it’s a contract year or if this actually happened, but J.A Happ continued being whoever the hell J.A Happ was this April. He came into today striking out 12.7 per nine and added another nine over seven innings this afternoon. He’s in some pretty good company. What’s more important, though, is the fact that he actually went seven innings and allowed only two runs. This edition of the Blue Jays has given everybody reason to be optimistic early on, but the starting pitching has been horrendous for the most part. Earlier today, Devon Travis fell casualty to that, and was optioned to Buffalo. While you can make the argument that his slow start was the reason, you can also give some of the blame to the starters overtaxing the bullpen this month. With eight road games over the next seven days, it’d be nice for the rest of the starters to follow Happ’s lead and give the team some quality innings.
  • Kevin Pillar homered again today, bringing his OPS to .918. It’s April 27th. What I really liked was that it wasn’t just a high meatball that was laid in there, it was a 1-2 curveball from Martin Perez at the bottom of the zone. While it didn’t travel more than 380 feet, it’s still Kevin Pillar and we should enjoy these things until they inevitably stop happening.
  • Also homering was Teoscar Hernandez, who also added in a double and a walk to go with his daily K. They got him for virtually nothing!
  • For me, the play of the game was when Randal Grichuk looked like a dude drunkenly stumbling down the street at 3 am trying to prevent his burrito from falling over and somehow turned it into two outs.
  • Speaking of alcohol and incompetence on video, was somebody drunk when they decided not to overturn this? Granted, it was inconsequential with the bases empty and the Blue Jays already up by three, but ohhhhh boy, that would have hurt if it significantly changed the game. Take a look for yourself (fast forward to 1:28):

  • Grichuk had his second multi-hit game of the season today, going 2-3 with two singles, but was caught napping and picked off after one of them. It’s…progress?
  • Our friend Yangervis hit a solo shot in the second, so you know what that means…

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