Blue Jays Series Recap

The Blue Jays have finally won a series and we’re here to talk about it!

0:00 – 1:00 Cam does his usual intro, goes on about some shit on the term audio content

1:00 – Recapping the weekend’s games/ I have trouble saying Sam Gaviglio’s name

2:35 – Talking about Jaime Garcia somehow outlasting Aaron Nola, who had a no hitter going into the seventh on Saturday

4:03 – Cam reveals his excitement that Curtis Granderson broke up a no hitter leading off game three on Sunday and then talks about potential no-hitters forming against the Jays

5:30 – We talk about the National Post outing the obviously real hierarchy that is Blue Jays Twitter

9:00 – Bullpen talk! Who do we think should be closing games after the rocky save in the 9th inning on Friday night?

13:35 – With Joe Biagini in the bullpen and Marcus Stroman hurt, how much leash should Gaviglio have in the rotation?

15:33 – I accidentally say Cam’s favourite word, to his absolute delight

16:10 – Cam brings up the fact that I was wrong and the Blue Jays probably won’t be at .500 by the end of the month

Listen here: