The Blue Jays do a cool thing with their final pick in the draft

The 40-round marathon known as the First-Year Major League Baseball draft has finally come to a conclusion. I think most of us checked out after the first few selections of the second day because by the later rounds you’re really just taking flyers on random names.

That’s just a fan’s perspective, though. For a player, getting drafted, even if it’s in the 40th round, is a hell of an experience. With their final pick in the draft, the Blue Jays selected shortstop Drew LaBounty who suffered a career-ending eye injury back in February.

Hurrrr durrr of course the Jays drafted an injured player! Guhhhhhh why would they throw a pick away! Stupid Shatkins!!! Gwwwwwaaa! No, shut the fuck up. This is a cool thing for the Blue Jays to do for a kid who had his life flipped upside down earlier this year. Good on them.