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Early Hall of Fame voters have been very kind to Roy Halladay

Look, we know Roy Halladay is going to Cooperstown at some point, but thanks to Twitter, we can look at (almost) real time updates on the 2019 Hall of Fame ballot.

Baseball fan Ryan Thibodaux, aka @NotMrTibbs, has been consolidating Hall of Fame ballots through his own work, or tips being directed his way. He also consistently updates an easy to follow an online file which can be found here. I definitely suggest giving him a follow.

At the time of writing – with just over 7% of ballots cast – Halladay has accumulated 27 votes. His 90% ranks him third, with Mariano Rivera and – gasp! – Edgar Martinez both getting votes on all ballots submitted so far. This is Rivera’s first year of eligibility and his reputation of the greatest closer of all time means this will be a particularly will be stress free process for him. Martinez, on the other hand, is in his last year of eligibility and came painstakingly close last time around. A player needs to be on 75% of the ballots to get in, and last year, that number came up to 317 votes. Martinez got 297, good enough for 70.4% of the vote, which was up from 58.7 in 2017 and 43.4 the year before that. If I had a vote myself, the guy that slashed .312/.418/.515 with a 147 wRC+ over 2055 career games played would sure get it.

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Needless to say, it’s still early. This is definitely something to obsessively check over the coming weeks though. The hot stove as of right now is still pretty lukewarm, and it doesn’t look like the Blue Jays are going to make a huge splash, anyway. The team only has one player currently in the Hall wearing their cap, and back in 2016, Doc said it was something he wanted to do. Good enough for me!

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  • Knuckle Balls

    Docs going in a Blue Jay. He join the Blue Jays briefly and then announced his retirement as a Jay. He did some nice things in Phili, but he was a Jay for 3 times his time in his Major League Career. I would be disappointed if he did not go in as Jay.