Nate Pearson called up to Triple-A Buffalo

As the Blue Jays are getting ready for their surge of young talent, another highly-ranked prospect moves up affiliates and is one step closer to making their big league debut.

As Carlos Collazo of Baseball America reports, the Bisons are bringing in Nate Pearson for their late-season push and the few remaining week in the MiLB schedule.

The Jays’ 2017 first-round selection has been unstoppable and pretty much unhittable during his first season for Double-A New Hampshire. Posting a 2.59 ERA though 62 and 2/3 innings and 16 total starts — he’s also striking-out batters at a 9.91 K/9 rate. He will be turning 23 later this month.

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He has really burst onto the hot prospect scene this season with his insane inning during the Futures Game in Cleveland a couple months ago, where he was topping out at 102 MPH and was able to get 2 Ks. He’s currently ranked as Baseball America’s no. 15 prospect and is at 38 on Fangraphs’ THE BOARD with a 55 FV.

This season was extremely important for Pearson’s development. He was battling an injury last year, forcing him to miss the entire season except for one and 1/3 innings, but he has quickly shown why he’s rated as the Jays’ top pitching prospect.

Earlier this year in High-A Dunedin, Pearson had a total of 35 strikeouts in just 21 innings and more than earned his call-up to Double-A and has progressed ever since. Now he’s facing a new challenge in Triple-A and every single fan is hoping he blows batters out of the water so that he has a realistic shot to make his Blue Jays debut in 2020.

Another month and another Blue Jays prospect making some waves in the baseball world, what’s not to love.

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    • Dexxter

      I can’t imagine you’ll see him this year.

      I’m sure he’ll be “service timed” and with likely less than 20 IP in AAA at the start of next year… it’s pretty justifiable for the Jays to give him more work there.

      • The Humungus

        I think it’s more likely he’s down there next year to manage his innings before a call-up, rather than gaming service time. I can’t see them wanting him to exceed more than about 150 IP next year.

        I ran into a Cleveland fan down here in Texas last night and he showed me other fans are very much aware of what the Jays have going on not just in the majors, but in the minors as well, and can see this team is set up for a long run. It was pretty cool to find out there’s buzz around the league between hardcores about not just The Kids.


    Given the pitching they do have now, if there is further injury I wouldn’t be shocked to see him, but given his future value they may just bring up a body rather then give up some of Pearson’s service time.