Here’s what it’s like to go to a Blue Jays baseball game, according to Artificial Intelligence

Cam Lewis
10 months ago
Who doesn’t love the sights and sounds of the ballpark?
A clear, blue sky on a sunny day, the crack of the ball off of the bat and the crowd cheering, the smell of hot dogs filling the air, children eating other children, people’s limbs turning into an orange and red plasma, and, of course, explosions!
Wait, what? Well, those are the sights and sounds of the ballpark through the lens of Artificial Intelligence, at least.
Josh Shiaman, a senior feature producer at TSN, gave a prompt saying “Young Blue Jays fans eating hot dogs with ketchup and mustard” to an AI text-to-video generator and the result was incredibly weird.

“My intent was just to experiment and create a commercial for Blue Jays baseball,” Shiaman told BlogTO. “But some of my benign prompts created some very horrifying (and unintentionally hilarious) results.”
The video starts off normal enough, with the view panning to rendered images of fans sitting in their seats and eating hot dogs. The video cuts to a kid drinking what appears to be a cup of beer and things start to really go sideways. A player’s head explodes, one kid is eating another kid’s arm which has become a hot dog, and then a large explosion covers a chunk of the field right before the video comes to an end with this distorted version of the Blue Jays logo filling the screen.


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