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Ranking the random items the Blue Jays douse themselves in

One of the most endearing Blue Jays moments of the early season was the team dousing Charlie Montoyo in beer after his first big league win. It was a heartwarming show of camaraderie from the players to their brand new manager.

Since that first beer shower on Opening Weekend, this tradition has grown and turned a little weird at times. On Friday, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. got the dousing treatment after his first Major League game and Elvis Luciano joined the club with his first official win as a pitcher on Sunday.

What started as a simple act of celebration has evolved into a bizarre ritual where players are grabbing whatever they can find in the fridge and dumping it on their teammates. Yes, this is the Blue Jays content you didn’t know you needed today – the official ranking of random items the Blue Jays players have doused their teammates in.

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8.) Beer

The “bathing your teammates in beer” thing has been done to death, almost to the point where the postseason beer showers after every series get to be a bit much. But this is one of the rare cases where it was totally warranted to marinade your coach in Bud Light.


7.) Gatorade/Powerade

Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Again, Gatorade/Powerade thing has gotten tonnes of mileage, but Guerrero got in on the celebrations twice over the weekend, dousing his teammate Brandon Drury both times.

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6.) Red Bull

Keep a close eye on that Vladdy celebration video and you’ll see that even Matt Shoemaker participated in the celebrations by pouring a Red Bull on the Blue Jays super prospect. Even though he’s out for the year, nice to see Shoemaker got in on the action.

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5.) Coffee cream

Coffee cream made two appearances over the weekend during Vladdy and Luciano’s dousing. Teoscar Hernandez opted for the 10 percent cream while another player opted for the heavy cream during Vladdy’s celebration.

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4.) Baby powder

Baby powder after beer? Maybe that’s the baseball player equivalent of getting tarred and feathered.


3.) Sunflower seeds

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The sunflower shower is Teoscar’s thing and no one really begrudges him for it. He seems extremely happy to rip open a pack of seeds and dump it over his teammate’s heads.


2.) Eggs

This is where this celebration really goes off the rails. At first, I thought Ken Giles had shaving cream in his hands, but upon closer inspection, nope, those are eggs. He cracked a few handfuls of eggs over Vladdy and Luciano’s heads in these videos.

Which begs the question … how far did Giles have to go to get these things? Are eggs readily available in the Blue Jays clubhouse?


1.) Almond milk

Taking the cake for the most random thing the Blue Jays poured on their teammates is … SoFresh almond milk. Maybe this is a homage to Kurt Angle, maybe there wasn’t enough beer to go around to every player, but kudos to the Blue Jays player who threw caution to the wind, grabbed the almond milk and did the damn thing.