Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bo Bichette just broke a MLB record

Since his arrival, Bo Bichette has lit the baseball world on fire. Hitting ball after ball into the atmosphere that has every Blue Jays fan dreaming of a long tenure coming in Toronto for the rookie. Not only has he been incredible, but he’s already broken an MLB record.

As this hot streak to start his major-league career continues, Bichette has become the first MLB player in history to have 10 extra base hits in their first nine games. He’s just played nine games but he has already hit a total of three home runs, six runs scored and four runs batted in — all this while slashing .425/.465/.825 and sporting a 236 wRC+.

He’s been able to get those extra bases mainly by hitting the ball extremely hard. And in the small sample size we have of the former eighth-best prospect in all of baseball, he’s shown exactly how hard he can hit the damn ball.

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With an average exit velocity on his batted balls of 93.0 MPH, Bichette is getting a 5.5 MPH increase compared to league average, while also getting a higher-than-average launch angle. That recipe spells out exactly how Bichette can break this record and keep his current hitting streak alive.

The 2016 second-round pick is one of the must-see prospects in all of baseball right now and it feels good that he’s a Blue Jay. A member of this young core that should be playing in Toronto for meaningful seasons that will lead to those fan memories that make it all worth it.

This feels like just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bo Bichette.